Pricing - Level 1

Level 1 Website ("Advertising Website")

Level 1 Website includes everything you need to get your business visible on the web. You will be able to describe your business, show digital pictures of your products, describe special promotions, show maps and directions to your location, etc.

In addition, you will be able to have your email address as which helps promote your business every time you write or receive email. You will have up to 20 email accounts for your family and your employees. You will also be able to accept email inquiries via your web site regarding your products or services.

Cost Category:

Cost-Year 1

Cost-Year 2

1. Domain Name Registration (if needed) for the first TWO years
IDomain Name registration in your name for two years. This guarantees no one else can legally register the same name.
2. Website Design Level 1(“Advertising Web Site”)
Initial Consultation, Theme Selection and Navigation Approach, Custom graphic header and background design
3. Domain Name Activation / Transfer, Web Site Installation Fee
Directing your Domain Name to the address of the hosting provider, installing  web site on Hosting provider's server
4. Web Site Hosting Fees
Payment for server memory space, internet connection bandwith, email services, uninterrupted operation.
Total Cost for Level 1 Website:    
First Year:

(Domain Name Registration, Web Site Design, Activation and Instalation, 12 Months Hosting Fee)

Second Year:

(12 Months Hosting Fee)

5. Level 1 Website Maintenance (optional, highly recommended)

Periodic web site content updates, up to 1 per month. All you have to do is to send e-mail to SIS describing your updates and we will make the changes for you. Typically includes posting special event calendar, monthly specials / promotions, news events, etc. Typically limited to flagging new content on the Home Page and updates to one or two other pages.

Please Note: This does not cover major web site redesign, domain name change or upgrade to on-line store.



Year 1
Year 2

Grand Total Cost (with Maintenance by Sunrise Internet Solutions)




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