Designing a web site is a lot like decorating a house or laying out your store. We will provide complete design service, get your input and final approval on anything we publish.


Here are some important factors we will explain and help you consider:

  • What initial impression we want the on-line customer to have
  • Simplicity vs. information content
  • Ease of navigation vs. added complexity

Once the basic approach has been decided, we will provide assistance with the following:

  • Selecting and registering your Internet Business Name (URL)
  • Helping you decide on the Look and Feel of your web site
  • Setting up the Architecture and Navigation
  • Developing the graphics, background and actual design of your web pages
  • Design of the specific web pages for your site

For Level 2 (On-Line Store) Website, the following additional design services are available:

  • Capturing and editing digital images of your products
  • Setting up a on-line catalog database
  • Setting up the actual on-line catalog for your products, including product image, description, larger image, price and "Buy" or "Add to Cart" on-line shopping functionality.

Design costs are included in the price of the Level 1 Website. The actual final cost of a Level 2 Website is a function of the number of catalog items included in the On-line Store.




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