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Sunrise Internet Solutions

(Division of Sunrise Health Enterprises, Inc.)

366 Center Street

Caledonia, New York 14423

Phone: (585) 414-3875

E-mail: TRoztocil@SunriseInternetSolutions.com


Sunrise Internet Solutions was founded by Tomas Roztocil of Caledonia, New York, as a subdivision of Sunrise Health Enterprises, Inc.


Sunrise Internet Solutions specializes in helping small businesses get the benefit of web presence at a minimal start-up and on-going cost. Understanding all that needs to be done to sell on the internet can be overwhelmingly complicated if you are not familiar with what approach to take - we are there to help you every step of the way.

Serving primarily local businesses in Western New York region, we help our customers expand their reach through the world-wide-web technology. Because we are a small company, we get to know our customers better and provide them with all the personal attention and responsiveness they expect.


About Tomas Roztocil, President of Sunrise Internet Solutions

Tom started his product development career as an Engineer/Designer at CPAC, Inc., in Leicester NY. He later held a variety of engineering positions at Eastman Kodak Company and Heidelberg Digital, LLC, learning a lot about what it takes to translate customer needs while developing new products. During his tenure as the Senior Vice President of Product Development in Heidelberg, the engineering team under his leadership developed one of the highest quality digital printing systems in Heidelberg's history, the Heidelberg Digimaster 9110 and 9150i Network Imaging Systems. 

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